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My email address at the bottom of the note is incorrect!  It should be
jimshaughn at bellsouth.net.  (The "n" was missing.)  I fixed it below.  Please
forward THIS note to all at kofc2546.org


When you try to do this stuff the Devil always tries to stump you.




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Subject: Please read and respond




             I ask that you please read and respond and I ask my District
and Regional Deputies to share with the other Raleigh Councils and ask for
unified assistance in this cause.



Worthy Grand Knight and Knights of 2546,

When will you ever again have a chance to meet and personally converse with
a noted prelate of the Church?   This may be your one and only opportunity.


Bishop Burbidge has asked the knights of 2546 to provide transportation for
bishops attending Bishop Gossman's funeral.  Please read on.


Below is a highlight of a meeting at the Diocesan Center today.    More
detail will be available after a meeting on Friday afternoon.  At that time
we should have a pretty good idea who is coming and when.  (I am copying the
attendees at the meeting to ensure the accuracy below.  Please comment if I
misquoted or forgot something.)


.        The Knights from Fr. PriceCouncil will provide transportation to
and from the airport for bishops arriving from across the US.  At this
point, the exact number is not known, but the number will be significant.
At least 20, probably more.

.        A team of 2 knights, or a husband/wife team, will provide
transportation from RDU to the hotel, Embassy Suites, 201 Harrison Oaks
Blvd,  Cary.  That same team will drive "their bishop" from the Embassy
Suites to the funeral Mass at St. Michael's on Tuesday morning.  After the
funeral Mass they will drive him to the airport.  The team will manage the
bishop's luggage as needed.

.        Most bishops will arrive on Tuesday, although some will come in
Monday.   (Bishop Boland, Savannah, will arrive Sunday.)

.        Placards with the bishop's name will be made available to greet him
at the airport.  One of the team should greet the bishop at the terminal;
the other team member should drive the car.  The greeter should be a knight
(not a knight's wife) and should wear a badge or some KoC clothing, so as to
be readily identifiable.

.        At the funeral:

o   The bishop is to be dropped off at the portico on the left side of St

o   Members of the St. Michaels council will be there to greet the bishop
and show him to a vesting room.  

o   Special parking will be provided for the KoC drivers.  

o   The placard from the airport may be used with the Cary police to get
special privileges around the traffic.

o   The team will work out with the bishop when and where to meet after
Mass.  Some may stay at St. Michaels, if they have a later flight.  If so, a
luncheon will be provided for them. 

o   The team should plan to attend the funeral Mass.

.        Cell phones numbers for the bishop will be provided to each team.

.        As many of the bishops are aging, a comfortable vehicle is a
requirement.  Trucks and high-stepped SUVs probably are not suitable. 

.        Transportation to Bishop Gossman events other than the funeral Mass
(such as prayer services and visitations at Cathedral)  will be provided by
a shuttle service, and not by the KoC.  

.        While we think most bishops will leave after the funeral, a few may
elect to go to the burial in Newton Grove.  Teams who drive them will be
compensated financially by the diocese because of the distance involved.

.        The 4th degree honor guard is being arranged separately from this.


Please contact me as soon as possible so that we can get teams put together.
If your wife plans to join you as a team member, please let me know. If you
have a preference for a partner, let me know that as well.


Contact me via email (preferred) or phone.


Bishop Gossman was a special guy to many of us.  This is our chance to pay
small tribute to him.  Many thanks to all.


Vivat Jesus.


Jim Shaughnessy

Treasurer, KoC #2546

Jimshaughn at bellsouth.net

Cell:     919-749-9314

Home: 919-212-1626






                   With the passing of Bishop emeritus F. Joseph Gossman
this past week, there will be many other Bishops and clergy coming in for
his funeral the next few days. It has been asked by the Diocese of Raleigh
if The knights could assist with picking up some of the clergy at the
airport. Of course I said yes and I am awaiting more details. Jim
Shaughnessy is acting as liaison between Council 2546 and The Diocese so as
soon as I hear from Jim, I will let you know what the plan is. This also
goes out to the surrounding Councils as well for any assistance they can


Vivat Jesus




SK Rich Ferraro GK

Council 2546 

919-266-3155 Home

919-741-2212 Personal Cell

richfkofc at aol.com



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